A Touch of Motion

I finally got internet access back earlier today, after being down since Thursday night. It seems that a cable got moved around a bit while the buildings were being painted.

The Disk Clock has become rather more manageable. The preferences pane no longer stinks, and it saves as well. Instead of messing with individual disks, choose two sets and how to combine them; one is always normally up and the other responds to mouse hover with animated scale in/scale out.

In addition to some zooming examples, the web page also has as short tutorial on how to read it.

It really just points out steep the learning curve is though; without the individual disk selector there isn’t really any way to see which disk is which. The top feature for further development is an exploratory interface, probably involving tool tips when you hover over a disk.

And a note on javascript: don’t use interval timers. They drift, and safari at least will run away and lock up if there is an error in the event handler. Start a timeout event at the end; you can compensate for time drift, and it won’t run if something crashes.

Posted Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 under Devlog.

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