“Burp” – IE 6.0

Our new programmer wrapped up his first project today, and checked it into source safe. Then he decided to see about updating a few of the programs. Now windows won’t start, and the hard drive is making funny noises.

IE 6 ate his computer ;^)

We may have been able to at least re-use the disk, but it wasn’t sounding to promising during the format. Fortunately, we had an extra one handy.

Now if only we could find the windows 98 SE disk. I know we had at least one; it is installed on several computers (including, I think, the one that died.) Perhaps we did, but we don’t now.

Oh well, the programmer has a copy at home, which he is going to bring in tomorrow. We can make a copy for CES while it is here. It’s kind of a shame to lose two days on it, but it turns out that ordering the in circuit emulator for him to use fell through the cracks, so at most he could have been reviewing my existing code anyway.

Posted Thursday, June 20th, 2002 under War Story.

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