I broke it _good_.

I’ve been looking for a WORKING Linux ICQ client. I downloaded the first one I found, which had been updated in the last month and refereed to a high-looking protocol version.

It requires libc6-version-(higher-than-I-have)

Okay, no problem, just find the not-quite-safe-yet new version of the C library and install it, right?

Finding the library is pretty easy. Installing it goes well. Installing new version of ICQ client makes no complaint. As long as I’ve gone to the trouble to log in as root, I figure I might as well install some stuff for the sound. At which point I discover that the ‘normal’ package management utility is NOT happy. A couple of the other library related things depend on exactly version such and such. It complains about this fact every time I do, well, anything. Which makes this (rather quite handy) program practically useless, in annoyance terms.

So, no problem, just get newer versions of those couple packages, and all the versions will match, right?

Attempting to install the first one, however, opens up maze of dependencies that is simply not worth one program.

However, it doesn’t seem to have a way to install older versions than what you have. And out-and-out uninstalling the C library could be, well, extraordinarily bad. Fortunately, I am smarter than the program. The same place that has testing versions of the libraries has the current stable versions, so just download the right one and install it, right?

A brilliant plan, that by all rights should have worked.

(Substantially edited for brevity.)
#dpkg –install libc6(old)
error: can’t run ldconfig
#locate ldconfig
#ls /usr/sbin/ldconfig
file not found.
#dpkg –install ldconfig
error: can’t run ldconfig

I later got the impression that this program was obsoleted by the new libraries. But that doesn’t make my package tool work. Getting the new version of the tool wouldn’t help, since it may not work after removing the new library, and anyway, how would I install it?

A little net research later, I got the impression that ldconfig is A: something you run after installing things, so it may not really be needed before installing things (it’s just a precaution on the part of the installer tool.) B: since the new version of the library removed it, I may not need it to begin with.

But try telling the tool that.

So I lied to it. ;^)

#vim ldconfig
:echo fooledyou
#chmod +x ldconfig (an arcane command that makes the system think the file I just made can be executed.)
#more ldconfig
echo fooledyou
#dpkg –install ldconfig
#more ldconfig
**not a text file**
#dpkg –install libc6(old)

I still have one small problem, in that the ‘other new package’ I tried to install, although the old version, is claiming dependence on the new library. But for the time being, I’ve figured out how to make the tool shut the heck up about it. ;^)

Meanwhile, I’m still out an ICQ client.

Posted Tuesday, July 9th, 2002 under War Story.