Why AOL sucks, reason #1,859,394,239.

(I hope I didn’t underestimate)

I used to like Mapquest.

Besides being a pretty good map, they had this incredibly cool feature where you could switch to an ariel map of the area shown. Very handy for putting real-world scale to the lines you were looking at, and just getting an idea of what to expect in general.

Yesterday, it was broken. Instead of showing me an aerial map, I got misdirected to my.screenname.aol.com, which then produced about a dozen error messages because I don’t have a bloody scream name.

I notified Mapquest of this problem. They replied (to their credit, in a record-breaking feat of response time) that there were no plans to correct the problem. They then proceeded to push AOL.

I’m taking recommendations for a new map, especially with aerial photos.

Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2002 under Uncategorized.


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