Debian, round 2

A while ago I was trying to install Linux. Had it mostly working, except of the sound. While working on this, the next major (2.2 to 3.0) release of Debian (my Linux distribution) came out, and took over my package management tool with required upgrades. What made it worse was that I didn’t realize just why so many new files had suddenly appeared and spent a long time sorting through them and marking things for installation before I realized what was going on. This called for a new set of CDs.

So I ordered them, and shoved Linux to side for a while. In the meantime, I got busy.

A few months later I realized that I still didn’t have new CDs. Attempts to contact the company were fruitless. Having spent a while $10, I finally gave up and ordered new ones from the same place as the first set (which hadn’t listed v3.0 when I first looked.) I finally got the order through on the third try when I realized that one of the digits on my debit card was rather ambiguous and I had been taking the wrong interpretation.

A day or two later the new customer service rep from company A contacts me to see if I ever got my CDs… I felt kind of bad taking the refund option; the poor guy had obviously inherited some kind of mess. Of course by the time I dealt with it, I had the copy from company B in hand.

Which then proceeded to sit for a couple of weeks until I had time to deal with it ;^)

A week or two ago I finally did the big upgrade. System still ran, but the GUI would sit there clicking the monitor until it gave up. My computer also became possessed – it would randomly dial my ISP, wait a few seconds, and then hang up.

Computer possession was diald. Told it to bugger off. I think the GUI problem was actually the mouse, but I didn’t start to suspect that until I had purged all GUI components from my computer and started over, to try and avoid version conflicts.

Since I was starting over anyway, I figured I’d give KDE a try, since it was nice and shiny new for Debian. Once we got past the mouse issue (contrary to popular belief, you can have a GUI with a mouse, people) KDE was fairly nice, although I had to totally deny the existence of higher resolutions to keep X from giving me a huge desktop.

My biggest problem with KDE is the Internet Explorer-like integration with Konqueror, the web browser. My problems with Konqueror are primarily that it can’t access my web mail, and has tendency to lock up and require me to log out/in to be able to start it again (and much like IE, it is also the file manager)

Fortunately, there is an newer version of Mozilla in Debian 3.0, which worked fine once I undid my earlier hack to get the manually installed version work before. ;^)

Posted Sunday, November 3rd, 2002 under War Story.


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