And there was sound

Not that I’m doing much with it yet. But I have heard sounds, and KDE no longer complains for lack of it every time I log in ;^)

I can finally say that I have installed Linux and gotten a reasonably operational computer out of it.

Of course I had to install a new kernel to do this… Always something of a nerve wracking experience, even with modern automation. The install started out with a prominent warning that manual intervention was required – some initrd thing that I’m sure is a compelling feature to the kernel maintainers (to me it just looks like another point of failure for kernel startup… ;^) )

Anyway, after a little little research and experimentation setting up initrd on my existing kernel, I was finally able to try installing the new one. During which I discovered that I set up my test initrd in a functional, but non-standard way. Mostly this didn’t matter, except that there was a brief period where my default boot configuration would not have worked. Fortunately, the system came installed with a backup boot config, so I wasn’t too worried ;^)

Now to pick back up with my quest for a working ICQ client…

Posted Monday, November 4th, 2002 under War Story.


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