This past Saturday I pulled my collage programming languages textbook off the shelf. It is a topic that has become quite interesting to me lately. Mostly I blame lambda-ultimate. Which, not surprisingly, references things with lambda calculus. Lambda calculus has extremely opaque syntax, so I haven’t been getting very far in many of them. The few introductions I found on the web were equally opaque; not that I tried for very long. The textbook explains things a little better.

After reading that for a while, I went to pay the monthly bills. This was interrupted several times my boss; apparently they hadn’t gotten the games, being assembled in Las Vegas, fully working during the week. By time I had finished lunch, we had pretty much figured out the immediate problem, although it wasn’t fully tested yet. The weather had gotten a lot nicer and I was going for a bike ride, so I swung by the office to verify something on the way.

The printer situation was already verified by the time I got there. Then they tell us that the dollar bill acceptor isn’t working either. Eventually, after starting on cables to try and test it again here, we figured out that the DBAs come from the factory with the DIP switches set wrong, and no-one had bothered to change them.

Still doesn’t work. After another hour or so of dumbfoundedness, they eventually figure out the server program (which we had very little to do with) was refusing connections (needed to verify DBA credits)

Next weekend, I just found out recently, is my gaming clubs convention.
The fact that I didn’t know this was coming also prompted to finally search out the mythical club mailing list, which allowed me find that page… ;^)

Posted Sunday, November 10th, 2002 under War Story.

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