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Sometime the Culligan commercial water softener control got final approval for release. A day later they got a comment that required changes ;^) Testing was slightly complicated by some of our tortured testing hardware refusing to work, but it got fixed. Meanwhile, I’ve been fighting with poker odds. If anybody knows of a resource for the odds of various hands after discarding and redrawing X cards, please let me know, because I gave up on Google ;^)

Thursday disappeared. First I took my car in for basic service, and to have a factory recalled ignition switch replaced. Then I slipped in dinner before heading off to a kind of joint birthday party with one of my relatives.

I think I got too much sugar from the ice cream cake, because I didn’t sleep very well that night. Finally I got up to see what time it was (and whether I had ever gotten to sleep.) It was a little after five, so I ended up going into work early. It was kind of a short day anyway, because they like to go out on a high note. The last work day before christmas is a catered lunch (which was decent as catered food goes) and they close the place down not long after. We also get a christmas bonus. I’ve seem three other christmas’ here, and it is always about 100 dollars; okay, so it covers a few gifts. Consequently I didn’t even open the envelope until I got home. At which point I found a check larger than my usual one. I guess it really was a good year. :-)

That should top off my car loan. And here I’d just figured out that I could do it in two or three months if I made a point of it. ;^) Once that’s closed down, I can turn my full attention on the mortgage…

Posted Friday, December 20th, 2002 under War Story.

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