Not terribly much last week. Had a meeting at a client site, the day after all the snow, leaving my car coated in salt. There were also a few exploding capacitors on related work. I never knew they did that before. ;^)

I’m learning python. I had heard of a library called pygame which would hopefully cut out some of the nitty-gritty stuff, and the latest bug to bite me is “NaughtyPets.” Basically, a not-quite-PC parody of pokemon. All I’ve got so far is a pair of images that can reduce each other’s hit points in response to user commands.

The usual Saturday RPG group will be short about half it’s members, including the usual hosts. So I threw out board games at my place, and we are expecting the minimum three players to make things interesting :-) Others welcome, but it’s probably too late notice.

Posted Saturday, March 8th, 2003 under Uncategorized.

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