But before I get to Saturday, this morning:

Tried out ComposIte, a rich text editing widget for a another new game design wiki. Both of the most recent installers failed. For the two generations ago one, one had to be root to install it on Linux. Actually ended up in Windows first; was able to install, but not commit changes. Finally got around to trying it in Linux yesterday. It seemed to work, but I was still logged in as root. This morning I tried to run mozilla as the regular user, and it had no menus or hot-keys, and at least one important context menu item didn’t work. Probably a file permission problem somewhere, but I just took the quick and dirty method of uninstall/reinstall ;^)

Saturday, went up to Waukesha, WI where my martial arts instructor was teaching a seminar. I helped out a bit and got picked as demonstration target a lot; thankfully some other people shared duty with me ;^)

When I got asked to join a bunch of the other people for dinner, I figured, sure, why not? Small cash issue – I had forgotten my checkbook, and while I had enough to pay for the seminar, I only had about eight dollars after that…

We went out to Maders(sp?), a fancy german restaurant in Milwaukee (and home of the worlds largest stein, or so the sign proclaimed) I got a ‘german sampler’ since I didn’t really know what much was. One thing had a fairly good sauce, but I wasn’t very impressed overall. Others disagreed, so I guess german food just isn’t my thing.

There were so many people at the dinner that we ended up at several tables. I put my table on my debit card and picked up cash from the other people, solving two problems at once ;^)

Dinner wasn’t over until about 10pm. If I had know that I probably wouldn’t have gone along. After getting driven back to my car in Waukeshau, and then driving home, I didn’t get to bed until about quarter to 1am.

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