Ludum Dare

I spent this weekend doing the Ludum Dare (3rd) 48-hour game programming competition. I also didn’t get much else done because of it.

Now, I wasn’t expecting much; I was partially learning Python and Pygame anyway. The theme ended up being ‘preparation,’ so I took an old idea of making a printed circuit board layout game. (I guess I work with them too much at my job.) Lots of other people complained that the theme was too hard to come up with ideas for. I was fine with that, although my actual choices was… ill advised.

Just for the record, trying to implement an serviceable electrical model in 48 hours is crack mad. I ended up doing it for the three small projects I had time for (I have no doubt that there are other flaws, and certainly some laws of physics not being followed) So, while the game isn’t all that good, it is finished, and the components have a good enough simulation of actual function to complete the projects given. So while I won’t win anything, I accomplished about as much as I set out to do.

Of course the other reason is that it seems I misunderstood the submission procedure a bit, but the web site is not responding at the moment. Otherwise I could also link to screen-shots and such… hopefully I will get them on my own web site some time in the next few days.

Posted Wednesday, April 9th, 2003 under War Story.

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