Ludum Dare Postmortum

What Went Right:

1. Um… Well… Hmmm… I finished? I also implemented an electrical model that was ‘good enough’ to simulate two basic logic gates.

2. Probably couldn’t have pulled off half the stuff I did without a lose object oriented language like Python. (May have lost nearly as much time to at least one unflagged typo… but anyway.)

What Went Wrong:

1. High Concept: Don’t try to implement an electrical simulation in 48 hours. In fact, don’t try to implement ANY simulation in 48 hours ;^)

2. IDLE (a python IDE on linux): Maybe I’m missing something, but when I edit code and re-import it, I expect that code to be used, not the previous version. That was the killer. Minor annoyances are numerable, such as multiple-key ‘shortcuts’, bad shortcuts (copy for instance is the same as window menu, so I have to cut/paste in order to copy) and one window per file (thank goodness for the taskbar; I still wonder how much time I spent hunting for windows.) MUST get quality editor for linux programming…

3. No framework. I was doing a lot of my learning in both Python and Pygame during the competition. Which made trying to fit in an electrical model even harder.

4. Little art, no sound.

5. Submission confusion: Since Python is a scripting language I uploaded my entry as ‘source’ not ‘entry.’ Consequently, I didn’t get formally entered into the competition for voting. (Not that I had any chance of winning, but I DID finish…) Didn’t even find the ‘entries’ page on Ludum Dare until a few days later to see that I didn’t have a ‘vote’ by any of my files.

Posted Thursday, April 10th, 2003 under War Story.

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