Games as Art, continued

I left out some responses to other commentary. It’s on BGDF is anybody is really interested.

Actually, there was another point I had been thinking about, that never quite fit into my last presentation. It has to do with craft being about ‘function’

The function of a chair is to support a person sitting. If it is in a home, it may also be expected to contribute to the aesthetics of the home, but mostly we will ignore this secondary concern.

The function of art is to communicate some particular aesthetic, some feeling, as envisioned by the artist.

What then is the function of a game? People usually say that they look for games that are fun (whatever that is) For our purposes here I will say that fun is an enjoyable experience.

The connection I would like to make is to connect feeling, from art, with experience, from games. This is not to hard to see. You experience feelings. You often have feelings during various experiences. They are not that different. Still it is a step. One may agree or disagree with that step.

If you agree, however, then art and games are very similar – they both create experiences. Craft, on the other hand, mostly creates things. Often a thing (painting, game, musical score) is the means of expression of that experience.

Posted Monday, December 22nd, 2003 under Essay.

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