Life Programming

It to occurred to me that the software development cycle might be a more efficient way of handling certain decisions. For instance, May 15th is both KitCon, the small game convention/fundraiser for the Thursday night gaming club, and the first time that a nearby fellow martial arts school will be hosting our grandmaster. This has had me in quandary for a little while, but the basic problem is that I’m handling things on a case by case basis.

In programming, the programmer certain does a lot of thinking, but he does it up front, and tries in general to design the programs to handle a variety of cases. Thereafter, the computer blindly executes those instructions without having to stop and ponder each new situation.

So, to, could I spend some time deciding upon a general trumping order for aspects of my life, this taking up a small amount of time relative to confident execution of the plan thereby created without fence sitting.

For a day or so I was imagining a totem pole, which would have been nifty because it could have been rendered as a kind of reconfigurable artwork. But as I started to consider things, it occurred to me that there are really at least two dimensions – one is event trumping – such as that mentioned above – and the other is time allocation. For instance I’ve been placing greater weight on support the condo association and connecting to that community in general. Surely I would attend a meeting rather then stay home and program. But programming creates a flow experience for me, whereas so far nothing in the community does, so programming would appear to deserve a greater portion of my time.

Posted Sunday, April 18th, 2004 under Essay.

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