Black Magic

People like to joke that Bill Gates is the devil. Lately, I’ve been wondering if computers are a pact with dark forces quite independent of Mr. Gates.

We all know the story. Some lost soul makes a bargain (explicit or implicit) with otherworldly forces, trading great power for health, sanity, first born, or immortal soul.

Looking for unimaginable power? Consider how computers have transformed our world (perhaps no where more so than the world of unsolicited advertisement) But at what price? My optometrist usually makes a comment about my computer use when my prescription goes up. Repetitive strain injuries are skyrocketing – and small wonder when keyboards were quite intentionally designed to be uncomfortable and mice have had but a few decades of testing. Meanwhile, some people lose sleep over radiation and cancer, and toxic chemicals are used in computer circuit boards, which are getting replaced ever faster with the fall of prices and the rise of the cheap PC.

Are we trading our health for a digital lifestyle?

Posted Thursday, July 1st, 2004 under Essay.

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