A Splash of Color – Disk Clock 0.2 (& 0.3)

Last week, practically on the way out the door to a new year’s party (through much un-called-for snow), I got up a version of the Disk Clock dashboard widget I mentioned last time. I figured with holidays expiring, I might very well never get back to it, so I might as well at least people look at it.

My fears were partially borne out by not getting around to further development for the next week, or even mentioning what I’ve.

In the mean time, I found that the time was just about as hard to read as an ordinary clock – your eye has to look to all corners to find the reference points in the same way the eye normally has to look for all the hands. But often in a larger disk, you could see the piece of what you were looking for (i.e., the progress of the day in the week disk) and really find all you needed, perhaps refined by other disks. So I’ve built on that and switched from 1 (minute) – 1 (hour) – 1 (day) to 15 – 4 – 1 in the default view.

Version 0.3 should be getting published shortly. I also colorized the day disk a bit, re-colored several other things, and added auto-hiding of the finest markings at small sizes. New optional disks include 5-minute, a stage moving towards the 15, and a 12-hour disk for a more classic view.


Posted Sunday, January 6th, 2008 under Devlog.

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