Disk Clock 0.12; Tweaking the web site.

Disk Clock 0.12. Fairly minor changes. Switched to the full-name logo, tweaked the solar noon marker, and a pinch of in-place help. I want to use it for at least a week, but I’m generally considering this a 1.0 candidate. Meanwhile, I finally updated JustinLove.name to reflect the CGD move. Back on CGD.com I switched the color scheme, and installed a Paypal button for everybody to ignore ;^)

Little Big Logo

The full name version of the logo was a little hard to read when shrunk down to the smaller size I’m using on the web site. I fattened up the letters a little, darkened up the green slightly, and turned off the puffy overlay. The puff effect had a nice effect of integrating the letters in the cloud, but at this letter size it just blurred things. For the round Disk Clock version, I put the puff back, but toned it back considerably with some level adjustment on the mask layer.

Staring Into the Sun

The problem with the solar noon marker is you could never tell exactly where it was. Put it on top, and it obscures small marks. Put it below, and it gets obscured by big marks. I did both – solid below for a nice, easy to see red, and translucent over that, which will only be visible where it overlaps markers.

Nil Help At Alt

As I was looking over the brief mention of the modifier keys on the DC web page, I was wondering if any of it could put into the program itself in a useful way. It then occurred to me that there is a state where (the result of trying to stick a round clock into a square hole) where the cursor is over the widget but not over a disk – the latter case being when the text box shows up to report the time. I put a small help message in that state.

I even managed to not overly complicate the code doing it; there is a ‘nil’ disk, distinct from JavaScript’s null value (which blanks the display), that has the help as it’s text. The hit detection routine just returns the nil disk when it misses, and moving the pointer away from the widget can still say ‘post null’ to hide the text box.

Other Revolutions Of Time

I ran across The Set Theory Clock while staring to take a look Apple’s download website. It’s very much in the same spirit of re-examining representation. For some reason it bugs me that they have a tick-tock blinker, but don’t have actual second markers – even though most digital clocks have a blinking colon and no seconds either. I guess the graphical interpretation begs for interpolation.

It’s Easy Being Green (On Black)

Now blue, that’s a different story… I implemented the color switch I mentioned earlier The green pops out quite nicely, but the blue links needed a touch of baby-blue to stay visible against the black.

Give Me Money, or Else… Err… Umm… Have a Nice Day?

I’m still in the process of waiting for the verification deposits to work their way through, but I went ahead and put a button up just in case. No, nothing in the sales model has changed – it’s still basically free to use. I’m of the opinion that lump sum instance prepayment runs against the grain of software, and I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Or perhaps your money. And probably not in my hand/pocket/account, but I’d rather spend my time developing useful software than nag screens and DRM.

Posted Sunday, March 30th, 2008 under Devlog.

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