Disk Clock 1.0 and the the Gallery of Unusual Time

Disk Clock 1.0. Fixed a minor issue with showing ‘undefined’ instead of ‘hours’ for the day disk, and otherwise managed to leave it alone. Updated the website, including moving the download section up, adding a live demo, and The Gallery of Unusual Time.


Version 1.0 is where I basically consider it presentable and start looking to register at download sites. I suppose it’s a perfectionist tendency; I’ve been using it for months now.

Hopefully there won’t need to be 1.0.1 (a bugfix release). Development will continue with 1.1+, but I’m going to leave 1.0 up as a safe stable version.

Live Demo

I finally got around to setting up a live demo page. It caries lots of warnings about browser support, but at least some people will be able to preview it without an explicit download step.

The Gallery of Unusual Time

I’ve run across a lot of fascinating time systems so far, and there are probably more I haven’t found. So I’m going to share: I’m setting up a web page, the Gallery of Unusual Time, to list all the weird and wonderful things I’ve found, from binary, decimal, and hexadecimal, to the mayan calendar, to other odd clocks – and why I think DC is better, most of the time ;^)

Posted Sunday, April 13th, 2008 under Devlog.

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