Disk Clock 1.6: Cycles and Colors

Disk Clock latest 1.6. Started late in the weekend, so it carried into the week, which I’m otherwise trying not to do. Implemented new disks based on acupuncture/dim mak theory. Made a lot changes in color handling. Added new mode for bedtime and made it default. Fixed a bug with new animation system that prevented the one sub-second disk from spinning.

The Diurnal Cycle

I spent a lot of time over the holiday trying to make some progress on various martial arts projects. Two of them involved diagrams of the cycles of chi/ki/qi in the body. One was just cleaning up a concept I’d come up with while attempting to understand the material. The other was by request. In any case, the first one was the diurnal cycle, which covers movement through the body during the course of the day. Since this involved time, it was kind of obvious to make a version of it in Disk Clock.

A Color By Any Other Name

The diagrams were done with hand-written postscript. Postscript is actually a programming language; it can be a pain work with at times, but it also exposes a lot of useful mechanisms. For instance, I developed a color system that allowed to specify two color names. The function would blend the colors and define a new name by concatenating the names of the sources colors. One of the things I did when returning to Javascript was reproduce a form this color handling.

During the course of the weekend I continued making other changes – implementing the basic 16 actually specified by HTML/CSS, redoing color definitions in 6-character hex to avoid ambiguity, and introducing a canonicalize method to wash out the new color names I was defining before they had a chance to confuse the browser. Later, I updated Disk Clock with new modes of setting marker colors.

Meet You at High Noon

If there is anything to the diurnal cycle theory, it must surely be natural phenomenon, whereas time is an artificial scale placed on nature. To hopefully make it more accurate, I figured out a method to align a disk to solar noon, rather then what the powers that be declare to be the hour of the day. While this may be more accurate, it wouldn’t be much good for making meetings ;^)

Good Night

As I’ve used Disk Clock over the past year, I’ve started to feel that the sleep time marker didn’t always work out that well. In the summer it suggested going to bed very early, and lately it’s been nearly an hour til midnight. I’m fairly certain that when I wake is influenced by the seasons, however, so I added a mixed mode that works off the halfway point between two times.

Let Me Tell You

While I was working the day/hours disk, I realized that it’s otherwise unused description capability could be used to describe the daylight and bedtime status, which may also help explain the functions to a new user.

Posted Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 under Devlog.

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