My Creed

A few months ago, someone asked me to write a mission statement of sorts. Since I often take some time for reflection every few months, it was a good excuse to put it off. This is what I came up with. (Like, over a week ago; I’ve been a bit preoccupied.)

To tease order from disorder. To make right what is wrong and make a visible difference in the lives of people I care about. To apply my analytical talents where they have maximum effect, addressing the root cause to resolve each situation once and forever.

The first thing will probably do is show me up as a hypocrite. It also subsumes or omits a lot of detail.

- Analytical carries the fact that programming is the most joyful and productive activity I’ve found.
- My interest in learning could be seen as part of the quest for the best solution.
- My fascination with big ideas may be explicable by viewing them as tools that can bring order to large amounts of disjoint information.
- I prefer honesty because lies create multiple conflicting versions of events and sow confusion, preventing an appreciation of the true order.
- I have an independent aspect; compulsion creates additional concerns for the person compelled, and creates a dissonance between what one wants to do (i.e., as stated above) and has to do.
- It doesn’t cover rapid feedback, and doesn’t seem as though it could be easily added.

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