Live’n la vida electronica

@wondible is now on twitter (So is @SandhurstCondos, for kicks) Wondible is the “wonderful, terrible things” commonly known as hacks. Given the popularity of twitter in the tech community, I figured I ought to be findable for my presentations to JS.chi and ChicagoRuby. And no, I won’t be syndicating tweets to LJ; I see LJ as a medium for longer thoughts.

I also started reading Getting Things Done and experimenting with online todo lists. I only got started on the book during one of my train rides. Then I stumbled across Slide:ology and shortly thereafter got on the hook for one presentation (and then two) so priorities got shuffled a bit.

By this point I had already started trying to implement the core idea of GTD: get everything out of my head and someplace manageable. After poking around a little I started with and began dumping in my mostly failed todo.txt. Remember the Milk has been working out fairly well; it has a usable keyboard interface and publishes webcal that I can view in 30boxes. (Though I had to hide the repeating events – those daily ones really spammed the calendar.)

I tried out Toodledo briefly. I like the built in calendar, importance sort, and orthogonal folders, tags, and goals. But I missed the interactive keyboard interface and left it the same night.

So far task tracking:
- I’ve made progress on some projects which have been long on hold, such as wiping my 12-year old computer in preparation for recycling, or something better if I can find it. (Many things are on hiatus again with the presentation rush.)
- It may have kept me from dropping the ball as I attempt to juggle the presentations with everything else.
- I’ve not felt any listless tendencies, though now I may need to watch out for the other extreme.
- But it’s not magic; there are no more hours in the day than there ever were.

I’ve been using TweetDeck so far, but the scrollbar to get to a bunch of empty columns annoys me. Suggestions for twitter or todo applications welcome.

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