WordPress: It’s Just HTML

So, I’ve got three-and-a-half WordPress sites now. The first two were intended as essentially blogs, so they ran with the grain. I wanted to avoid all the scattered little changes that went with updating my old static site, and so far it’s been automating that part of the workflow nicely.

The next two are sites for my martial arts school. The first one was a very small essentially static site for the style of Tae Kwon do, http://YeonOhKwan.com Nothing especially blogish about it, but one of the goals of the project is to make it possible for others to maintain the sites if I got hit by a bus. We never did very much with that site, so I left it very basic.

I’m currently working on revising http://SouthElginMartialArts.com This is a bit more challenging because it’s a larger site and it pushes against WP some more. Since I’m not really working on a blog type application, I find that I often end up writing POH (Plain Old HTML) with very little assistance in order to get the effects that I want. I was kind of hoping to get away from some of that. I’ve installed a markdown plugin on my own blog sites, but I doubt that it would be welcomed by non-technical users.

The one escape-hatch I have been using is custom site-specific plugins, with theme-indepenent CSS and perhaps a shortcode. Of course, efficient development now requires that I setup at least a page on a dummy local site. Then uploading is kind of a pain – if there is a way to directly update a non-wordpress.org plugin, I haven’t found it. WP won’t let you overwrite an existing plugin, so it’s a little dance of deactivate-delete-upload-activate.

Perhaps I should be using something other than WordPress for a site that is more than a blog?

Posted Saturday, January 15th, 2011 under Review.


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