Refactoring the Web Sites has always been an odd kind of hodge podge of old software, newer software, and development libraries. With my recent decision to try out Disk Clock in some of the new app stores, it’s getting it’s own web site at Currently, this just ports over the existing content, and takes advantage of the dedicated site to spread out and make itself more at home. Removing Disk Clock actually leaves CGD somewhat barren, but that’s only the beginning.

One of the refactorings is having CGD focus more on products. With taking over the developer identity, it doesn’t make much sense to be mixing in prototype libraries with commercial products. The rise of social code hosting systems has pointed the way to README files as a better way to communicate with the developers who might want to use the libraries.

Since the older DOS software isn’t expected to change much, it’s likely to stay as static pages pointed to by the new blog style site.

And finally, has always been a mouthful, finger-full, and business-card e-mail over-full. Hereafter, the canonical web site is with as an “obvious name” alias.

Posted Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 under Site Update.

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