Thursday was TEDxStCharles, which was a pretty well put-together program. The topics were leadership, branding, and motivation – a bit more general then the food focus at TEDxWindyCity, where I felt a little out of place among the food revolutionaries.

It was held at Pheasant Run, where the New Orleans room had a small stage perfectly suited to a TED style event. Unfortunately, the room had space to spare, and most of the chairs went empty (one of the dangers of a free event) Rather a shame – other than going a few minutes late, the program was well conceived and well executed.

I won’t comment on everything. One thing I learned is that TEDx events are required to show videos from the main event, some of which I’ve seem before. Not all were strictly TED however, for instance I’ve seen video of Steve Jobs Stanford lecture previously, and the transcript had a big impact on me a few years ago.

I’m going to try breaking up each talk so keep an eye on tag tedxstcharles.

Posted Saturday, March 5th, 2011 under Conference.

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