TEDxStCharles: Create Your Brand – Define Your Message

Anna Wildermuth continued Simon‘s theme with “People buy people, not products”. If you want to be ‘buyable’, you have to stand out, which means figuring out what makes you special. If you are not sure, ask your clients why they keep coming back.

She made the distinction between ‘customer satisfaction’, which everybody says they want, and ‘customer loyalty’, the exceptional fascination of companies like Apple that inspire their customers. Her guideline is PIE: Performance, Impression, and Exposure.

One tool to narrow in on your brands is to keep a success/failure log so that you can build on what works and eliminate what does not. Other advice includes

  • Define your target market
  • What do they need to be successful?
  • Feel they need it
  • Love selling

Along with fairly standard advice like have a 30-60 second (‘elevator’) intro, use social media, and have a website.

Posted Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 under Conference.

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