Startup Weekend Ideas Week: Judging

Sunday 2011-10-16

Thirteen teams pitched Sunday night, at least one of which didn’t expect to. The up front rules were that only ideas chosen Friday could pitch Sunday, but there were some last minute changes anyway.

  1. HashBang, which might have been @Vollees in a previous life, wanted to organize user video submissions around hash tags. Business would sponsor prizes for the best video submitted to a tag.
  2. FixMyPad wanted to match homeowners with contractors, using escrow to guarantee payment.
  3. HelloNGO took Best Pitch and planned to play matchmaker between organizations need volunteers and students. They took a 50%, but one of the criticisms from the judges was size of market, so it might have needed high margins to work.
  4. Rescue Round (@RescueRound)) offers second-chance dates for disappointed people already dressed up and ready for a night out.
  5. BikeRecov ( took First Place with a plan track bikes and report accidents. They didn’t have an app, but they did have some customer validation and several possible directions they could go.
  6. wanted to provide online jam session for musicians who couldn’t get together inperson. They took Third Place by doing a Skype proof-of-concept.
  7. EditHuddle ( placed Second with a typo reporting and management platform for bloggers. They put on an impressive tech demo – which I suspect involved a bit of pre-weekend work.
  8. Outloudio ( got Best Tech Demo for their “podcast pandora”, with a possible “listen later” to come.
  9. Dressora ( offered a dynamic social online closet, so your friends could help you pick outfits.
  10. Pacha ( promises to deliver exactly the information you need at the current location and time.
  11. RedRadius ( plans to gamify social interaction, awarding points for interacting, especially with people who aren’t doing so well at the game. They got far enough to submit to the iPhone store.
  12. Movitv8tion (@motiv8tionme) offered social accountability for goals that you set out to accomplish.
  13. MergeNote ( wants to create a collaborative tool that’s as good as pen & paper. I couldn’t help but think of it as a marketing (and tech) reboot of Wave.

Advice from the Judges

  • “Why would I use your service?”
  • “Focus on Mission”
  • “Stories are great, but state what you’re about up front”
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