Classes Are Premature Optimization: Prototypes in Javascript at Fox Valley Computing Professionals

This talk is a mash up of two others:

The hard crunchy shell claims that Classes are premature optimization, forcing the programmer to freeze method implementations and often memory layouts during the design stage in order to make things easier for the compiler writer. Classes are also accidental complexity forcing the programmer to deal with rules and limits unrelated to the problem domain, and sometimes expend extra effort working around the class system. This talk will gaze into the soul of object oriented programming to see why classes might not always be beneficial (though they often are). We’ll look at alternate visions from the hard core classlessness of Self to the modern renaissance of Javascript.

The soft, melt-in-your-mouth center is an intro to the prototypal objects implemented in Javascript. Javascript objects are basically maps from strings to values, with a few extras, like dot indexing and prototypes. Prototypes are a way of relating objects so that one, the prototype, can provide default values for another.

Finally, we crunch out with a review of patterns for the proper application of classless patterns.

FVCP had a speaker drop out on the day of a meetup, and I was able to combine two previous talks to make sure members got some good content.

Posted Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 under Presentation.

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