SQRL: Solving the Login Problem at Software Craftsmanship McHenry County

“Secure, Quick, Reliable Login” is a proposed technique to replace username/password login, as well as third party logins providers. SQRL (pronounced “squirrel”) provides an extremely user-friendly day-to-day workflow – the user simply scans a QR code on the page using a dedicated application, verifies that it refers to the correct site, and is then logged into the site. Other client options include clicking or tapping a link to run a local plugin or application.

SQRL uses sound and proven cryptography to provide a user-centric, fully decentralized system with an extremely easy day-to-day workflow. The only secret information is held by the user, which provides no place for third party tracking and insulates users from data breaches at service providers. A little bit of complexity creeps back in to the protocol for reclaiming a compromised ID, but this should be a extremely uncommon occurrence.

Posted Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 under Presentation.

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